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Let's be absolutely clear... 'Brilliant Notts' is just about the coolest project in the UK. In fact, probably the world?

Brilliant Notts

Welcome to Brilliant Notts!

We are running a project to empower the children of the city and county of Nottinghamshire to deliver 'positivity' and 'brilliance' across their schools and communities. The aim is to transform lives and embed 'brilliance' into the school ethos.

It's global domination of the happiness kind, it's coming to Notts to help you instil a 'can do' attitude across your schools and communities.

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Brilliant Derby

There are far too many 'mood hoovers' in this world – people who moan and grumble and who are a zillion miles away from feeling as great as they could. So lesson number one is that we certainly don't want to join them!

And here's lesson number two all wrapped up in a big and exciting thought - what if we could transform them? What if the children of Notts could learn some simple rules of happiness and positivity that they could spread across their schools and homes? And what if 500 kids took part and each one impacted positively on, say, five people? And what if those five then impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if those five impacted on five more. And what if... have you got it yet?



Brilliant Derby

First things first. 'Brilliant Notts' is going to be designed and delivered by the year fives. Any school in the city or county of Nottinghamshire is invited to take part.

But there's a catch... Numbers are limited on this exciting, first project of its kind in Notts or we won't be able to squeeze you all in, and it's going to be a case of first come first served. So, if you want your school to be brilliant, motivated and positive, with your year fives leading a trail of positivity and happiness across the school and beyond, then get in touch and book your place – quickly!

'Brilliant' is way up the awesome scale. And we think 'Brilliant Notts' will equip the children to deal much better with school. We also know it will set kids up to be confident, positive, upbeat, passionate and happy…things that go well beyond the classroom.

We've run this programme in Derby and the kids involved know they feel significantly more happy and confident, their attitude at school and home has improved, and their school results are noticeably higher.

How cool is that?

At the start, 'Brilliant Notts' will have some adults driving it. But once the kids are up to speed the adults will take a back seat. Have you heard the phrase 'light the blue touch paper'? That's what we aim to do. And then stand well back while you lot sparkle!

The adults are

Andy CopeAndy Cope, aka 'Spy Dog author'. This best-selling author is also a happiness expert and oozes positivity. He gets people to think differently and to achieve huge unbelievably great goals.

Hilary CraikHilary Craik, aka School Champion. She's creative, energetic and helps schools become even more brilliant than they are already. She enjoys getting people together and making sure that good things happen... and overcoming any problems that get in the way!

Graham CullenGraham Cullen, aka Cool Dude Headteacher. An optimist with a positive outlook on life, Graham's also one of the coolest Headteachers around.

Elizabeth JuffsElizabeth Juffs, aka Mrs Positive. Liz just loves being with people, helping them bring out their best, and inspires confidence and a 'can do' attitude wherever she goes.

James HiltonJames Hilton, aka ‘Yes Sir’. James loves children but can never manage to eat a whole one. He used to be a Headteacher – but don’t let that put you off. He smiles loads and says that being a head teacher was good but being part of ‘Brilliant Notts’ is even gooder!

Minesh TailorMinesh Tailor aka 'Crazy Scientist.' Having spent several years in scientific research, Minesh realised that inspiring young people about the amazing world of science through fun experimentation and interactive learning was a far better way to make a difference. He’s thrilled to join the ‘Brilliant Nottingham’ team.

Carl BembridgeCarl Bembridge, aka 'Mr Technical'. The secret man behind the scenes, does crazy things with computers and makes the Brilliant Notts website look pretty!


Brilliant Derby

Brilliant Notts kicks off in January 2014 and finishes six months later.

Except it doesn't really. Just because there are no more sessions to attend doesn't mean the learning has to finish. Transforming lives is forever! We will find ways of keeping the project going.

Plus, when we've proved it works we'll need to borrow the kids to come and speak at the launch of 'Brilliant Bristol' and 'Brilliant Birmingham' and 'Brilliant Barbados'.


Useful stuff that you can share.

See how the project transformed the lives of pupils and staff at Parkview Primary School

We set the schools we've worked with a challenge: To imagine what would happen to their city if happiness became embedded. In 10 years time, what would the news look like? And to write and present that news. The BBC East Midlands team helped us out (massively!) by lending us a TV studio and crew. So here is 'BBC News 2023', written and presented by Derby's brilliant children...

We've had massive success with Brilliant Derby and now want to roll this programme out to Notts schools, to make them brilliant too! Take a look at these videos about the Brilliant Derby project...

And here's one just for you...

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